For all students of CHSD 230, we provide programs and services so that each student demonstrates:

  • character that embodies accountability, responsibility, integrity, ethical citizenship, respectful relationships and positive leadership.
  • ethical, effective communication and “real world” skills necessary for success as an active participant in a rapidly changing, technologically global community.
  • critical thinking, effective problem solving and organizational skills.
  • their fullest potential by setting future-focused goals that result in adaptability for an ever-changing career climate.
  • growth through learning experiences that balance and blend rigor, relevance and relationships.

Consolidated High School District 230 is committed to preparing students for their future. We are keenly aware that the world is rapidly evolving. Our students must be prepared to be active participants in an ever-changing global society. To meet those needs, we use the Successful Schools – Successful Students Touchstone to guide our initiatives. This Touchstone was developed using input from parents, community, staff and students, and educational research. The research summary entitled “Reinventing the American High School for the 21st Century,” published by the Association for Career and Technical Education, also guides our work. This document was written to assist in clearly focusing the American high school experience on preparing every student for full participation in college opportunities, meaningful work, career advancement and active citizenship.