Summer School Phone Number:  708-745-5261

District 230 believes that summer learning opportunities are important supplements  or extensions of the regular school year. District 230 students may choose to enroll in one or more summer classes for credit or non-credit opportunities.

Where is academic summer school located?
Summer credit courses are held at Carl Sandburg High School located at 13300 S. LaGrange Road, Orland Park, IL.  A shuttle bus is available from Stagg and Andrew to Sandburg for $25.00 per session.

What are the registration dates?

We maintain strict deadlines to ensure we have the appropriate staff available to teach our courses. Our below timeline determines when staffing for summer school must occur. Please know we make every effort to offer your student access to summer school; however, if the deadlines are not met, we may not be able to accommodate your request.

Registration Session 1 Session 2
Open to students residing within D230 boundaries January 16, 2017
Open to students not residing in D230 boundaries February 1, 2017
Closes March 15, 2017 June 2, 2017

How do I register for academic summer school?

NOTE:  Your student will not be fully enrolled in the course until payment is received.  Your student will be dropped from the course if payment is NOT received by the closing date (March 15 and June 2).

Current District 230 students should meet with their counselor who can place them in the appropriate course.  The guidance office information can be located here:  Sandburg, Stagg, Andrew

If you are interested in the blended courses described below, please fill out THIS BLENDED COURSE INTEREST FORM.

Out of district students or new incoming students can fill out THIS OUT OF DISTRICT STUDENT FORM to express interest, and we will contact you with confirmation of your registration and the payment process.

How do I pay for academic summer school?

Once your child is registered in a summer school academic course, your Skyward account will be charged $150.00 and you will receive an automated email notification via Skyward.  This is simply a placeholder and does not guarantee course participation.   This email will provide you with the details for payment.  You can also view THE ONLINE PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS HERE as well.  You can pay by either sending or dropping of a check, cash or money order at one of our Cashier’s office in the buildings or paying via credit card or electronic check (preferred).

Your student’s spot will only be held until the closing dates (March 15th and June 2nd).  If payment is not received by the close date, your child will be dropped from summer school.

Questions about payment can be made to the cashier’s office: Sandburg, Stagg, Andrew

NOTE:  Fee waivers do not apply to academic summer school.

Withdraw Guidelines

Date of Withdrawal Session 1 Session 2
100% Refund Prior to March 31st Prior to June 2nd
50% Refund March 31st – June 7th June 2nd to July 6th
No Refund After June 8th After July 6th

What are the academic summer school face-to-face dates?

Session Dates Days Times
1 June 12, 2017 – June 29, 2017 Monday , Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:00 am – 1:30 pm
2 July 10, 2017 – July 27, 2017 Monday , Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:00 am – 1:30 pm

What is the difference between a blended and an online course and what are the meeting dates?

D230 offers two types of blended/online courses.  Please see the chart below to understand the differences between the two types of course delivery models. Please fill out THIS BLENDED SUMMER COURSE INTEREST FORM if you are interested in taking a blended course this summer.   Questions about curriculum or program information can be emailed to director Dr. Stacey Gonzales.

Courses Who Teaches Type of Student When do they meet? How Purpose


Teacher Facilitated

D230 teacher plans and delivers all the learning modules based on D230 curriculum and meets with students both virtually and face-to-face with flexibility built in for students Motivated, Organized, Good Time Management, Wants to participate in other summer programs, Appropriate Digital Citizen, Provide Own Transportation Varies depending on the course; mostly off campus and online; check course description for mandatory face-to-face meeting dates Using Canvas and Google Advancement or grade replacement for D or better


Program Facilitated

Computerized program with teacher in room to help make sure student is progressing through the computerized modules; student must attend all summer school dates at the school; these courses are limited Has some prior knowledge of content but needs extra support with a During summer school hours at Sandburg High School Using Computer Program Edgenuity Grade replacement for failed grade and/or no D230 face-to-face course available (i.e. Biology)
  1.  Blended – Teacher Facilitated – these courses are for students who wish to accelerate or replace a grade of D or better.  They are limited in space and fill quickly.  These classes offer students a flexible schedule where they do not need to attend summer school daily, but will engage in the learning with one of our excellent D230 teachers through both Canvas and Google.  Please see the Blended/Online Course page to learn more about these courses, student expectations and requirements.
  2. Online – Computer Facilitated – These courses generally are for students who have failed a course and wish to retake the course to replace their failing grade or need a course that we do not offer over the summer.  Additionally, we may not have a spot for a student in our face-to-face courses or may not have the course offered in summer school with a teacher, so we have a limited number of student licenses to take a course through using the Edgenuity system.  These students must come to class everyday and work at their own pace with a program that will gage their learning progress, provide tests and quizzes and self-pace the course content.  There is a teacher in the classroom who will set the parameters for the student in the program, monitor behavior, and assist the student with staying on task; however, the learning is done through the program entirely.   There is no teacher instruction.

Is transportation offered?

There is shuttle bus transportation available for $25.00 per session from the main campuses of Andrew and Stagg to Sandburg both before and after face-to-face academic sessions.  Please complete THIS TRANSPORTATION FORM if you are interested in signing your student up for shuttle bus transportation.

What is the summer school attendance policy?  
Summer school is divided into two sessions.  Each session is the equivalent of a semester of work in the regular school year earning students .5 credits for satisfactory completion.  Because summer school is a concentrated program, regular attendance is required.
– Classes begin promptly at 8:00 am
– Students will be dropped upon the 3rd (third) absence regardless of reason
– Fees will be forfeited for any student dropped from summer school for attendance/disciplinary reasons

How can I access my students final grade?
Grades will be posted in the online Skyward system.  If you would like a hard copy of your student’s grade, please contact [email protected]

If you are an out-of-district student, you can request a transcript when you register your student, and it will be sent approximately 2 weeks after summer school ends.