Statewide Admission Requirements The Illinois State Board of Higher Education has adopted minimum subject requirements for public colleges and universities in an effort to help high school students improve their academic preparation for baccalaureate degree programs. We strongly recommend that students take courses to meet these requirements.

Individual public universities and community colleges may have other subject requirements in effect as well as requirements involving test scores and grade point averages. Some high school courses may not meet college entrance requirements.

Applicants must contact each college or university individually for details about all of its requirements.
The following high school subjects are typically required of freshmen entering community college transfer programs and public universities.
RECOMMENDED* minimum Public community College/University Requirements
Subject Credits
English 4.0
Social Studies 3.0
Mathematics 3.0
Science (Laboratory sciences) 3.0
World Language, Music, Art,
and/or Career
& Technical Education 2.0

*Requirements may vary. Check with the each university