Today’s active high school student’s day is filled with busy class schedules, homework assignments, co-curricular activities, and family obligations. District 230 offers a Pupil Personnel Services (i.e. guidance counseling) program that provides an integrated system of support. Although the needs of individual students differ, each District 230 school is well prepared to provide the assistance necessary to support every student in the following areas:
– Academic and Career Guidance Services
– Social-Emotional Support Services
– Progressive Discipline Intervention
– Special Education Services
– Alternative Education Opportunities

While the guidance staff encourages students to take responsibility for many choices, we strongly encourage parents to be involved in the selection of their child’s courses. Students are scheduled for individual registration appointments with their counselor. Parents are welcome to attend their child’s registration appointment during the school day. Please call ahead to inform your child’s counselor that you wish to attend the meeting.  Requests for changes to the course registration process may be made following the initial registration period in February. Available seats will determine whether requests can be accommodated.

Our staff is here to serve you to ensure that your student receives the support that he/she needs.  We look forward to working with both our parents and our students.

Ms. Kristyn Koss – Guidance Director
Carl Sandburg High School
[email protected]

Dr. Kathryn Meader – Guidance Director
Amos Alonzo Stagg High School
[email protected]

Ms. Michele Vieu – Guidance Director
Victor J. Andrew High School
[email protected]