Summer 2021 Driver Education will be held at all three District 230 schools June 1 – July 15, 2021, Monday – Thursday. Three sessions will be offered with 24 students in each session per school. All sessions are MANDATORY IN PERSON for both classroom and behind the wheel. No remote option.
Session 1 – 7am-10am
Session 2 – 10am-1pm
Session 3 – 1pm-4pm
Registration will open Friday, March 12th at 8am using the online payment portal. Go to your schools online payment portal by clicking the link below:
Sandburg Online Payments, Stagg Online Payments, or Andrew Online Payments. Select ‘Summer Driver Education.’ Directions are on the website.
Cost: $200 course fee (not including the $20 IL Secretary of State Permit Application Fee).  Course fee is due at the time of registration. The permit application Fee will be collected at the time of permitting.  The permit application dates will be communicated out to students at each school after registration closes. 
All Summer School Driver Education is Mandatory IN PERSON for both classroom and behind the wheel instruction.  Due to the tight timelines and Secretary of State course requirements, students will be dropped from the course (without a refund) upon the second absence regardless of reason.  Two tardies to a class will count as one absence.  Driver Education is a two-phase program which consists of classroom and behind-the-wheel.  Per state requirements, students must meet 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of behind the wheel instruction.  All phases must be passed at the end of the course for a student to be eligible for a license.   There is no cooperative drivers test during the summer session.   All students completing the summer session must test at the DMV to receive their license. 
Driver’s Education Behind-the-Wheel Instruction In order to provide behind-the-wheel training to students in driver’s education in compliance with all Secretary of State and IDPH safety requirements, the following procedures must be followed:
 • Allow only two students and one instructor per vehicle. 
• Face coverings must be worn, unless medically contraindicated. 
• Prohibit eating and drinking in the vehicle. 
• Open the windows whenever possible. 
• Do not make any stops during the training that are not applicable to driver’s education to reduce the amount of time in the vehicle. 
• Complete hand hygiene with soap and water or hand sanitizer, as appropriate, before and after driving and, at the minimum, upon completion. Hand sanitizer should be placed in each vehicle. 
• Clean and disinfect the steering wheel, door handles, seat belt fastener, controls/dials that the driver would come in contact with, keys, etc. in between each behind-the-wheel session. 
• Conduct regular routine cleaning and disinfecting of the seats.

For questions, additional information or issues please contact the Department Chair for your building listed below:

Andrew – Mr. Matt Fish – [email protected]

Sandburg – Mr. Sean Airola – [email protected]

Stagg – Mr. Doug Bozych – [email protected]