District 230 offers two types of summer school for credit-bearing academic courses:

  1. Accelerated Course: Blended Learning
  2. Credit Recovery: Online Edgenuity Learning System

The chart below describes the different types of credit bearing summer courses. Registration will open on January 15, 2021 at 8:00 a.m.

See the Registration Information Page to register.

June 2nd, 2021
The summer school informational webinar was held for all summer school students and families on June 2, 2021 at 7 p.m.
If you were unable to attend, click the link below to view the recorded version of the meeting.

Summer School Informational Meeting-Recorded Version

All credit recovery courses will start on Monday, June 7, 2021.  Teachers for the classes will reach out to the students to make sure that they are up and running with the program.
Teachers of the accelerated courses will be reaching out to students to invite them to an initial class meeting to get them going with the resources and information that they need.

Session 1 – will run from June 7th through June 24th, Monday – Thursday.
Session 2 – will run from June 28th through July 15th  Monday – Thursday.

Technology Needs – The students will need a computer and internet connection in order to participate and engage in the class activities.  Any students that do not have one or both of those should contact our district technology department through the following email address: [email protected]  They will be able to assist you with a chrome book to loan for the summer.

Accelerated Course: Blended Learning Credit Recovery: Online Edgenuity Learning System
Who can take the course? Students who are taking the course for the first time. Register for the course in Skyward using Arena Scheduling. Students who are repeating a course. Registration for credit recovery courses should be coordinated through the student’s school counselor.
What are the course locations, dates, and times?

By June 4, 2021 – All teachers will communicate with students regarding their accelerated summer courses.

Each teacher will share course requirements, virtual office hours, due dates, and ensure technology support.

Session 1 – Start June 7 – End June 24
Session 2 – Start June 28 – End July 15
Full Year – Start June 7 – End July 15

By June 4, 2021 – All teachers will communicate with  students and guardians regarding the updated required virtual help sessions.

After the first two days, if students are on track they will work independently to stay on pace with the learning. If they are not on track, they will be REQUIRED to attend additional onsite help session at Carl Sandburg HS in the Media Center from 9am – Noon.

Notification will be sent to parents and students by 11:00 am the day before students are required to attend mandatory onsite help sessions.

Session 1 –  June 7 – June 24
Session 2 – June 28 – July 15

How many courses can a student take? It is recommended that students take no more than 2 semester courses or 1 year-long course. Students may take one course per session.
What is the cost? $200 per semester course
$400 for a year-long course
$200 for one session
$400 for two sessions
Is transportation provided? No.
Students will meet virtually with their teachers as needed.
Students will meet virtually with their teachers based on the REQUIRED meeting dates as long as they are on pace for completion and have 70% or higher grade.
What courses are offered?
Consumer Economics grades 9-12 (1 semester – session 1 or 2)

Economics grades 9-12 (1 semester – session 1 or 2)

American Government grades 9-12 (1 semester – session 1 or 2)

Junior American Literature grades 11-12 (year-long)

United States History grades 11-12 (year-long)

Mythology   grade 12 (1  semester – sessions 1 or 2)
Chicago Literature grade 12 (1  semester – sessions 1 or 2)
Most courses in math, English, social studies, science, and some electives.
How is the content developed and delivered to the students? Each accelerated blended teacher develops, creates, and delivers all learning through Canvas, an online learning management system through the use of discussion boards, video, projects, quizzes, tests and other activities the teacher chooses to create using the various tools in Canvas.  Each online credit recovery teacher facilitates student learning with content that has been created by the online platform Edgenuity. You can view the Edgenuity Student Experience video to understand how the online program works. Our District 230 teachers support students to make-sure they are meeting the learning expectations, navigate the various aspects of the technology, guide students in the online system, and ensures students are meeting the pacing guidelines.
What are the student expectations?

Take greater ownership over learning, meet deadlines, and communicate with the blended teacher.

Attend an informational webinar on June 2nd at 7 PM. A link will be provided to the students and families via email..

Stay on track with the pacing guide, course learning outcomes, and communication with the teacher.

If additional support is needed, students will meet virtually with their teacher.

Take greater ownership over learning, meet deadlines, and communicate with credit recovery teachers.

Attend an informational webinar on June 2nd at 7 PM. A link will be provided to the students and families via email.

Virtual support will be available for students Monday – Thursday from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm.
Students will be required to attend onsite help sessions for the following:

  • Not maintaining 70%
  • Not meeting pacing
  • Needed SPED / EL support
  • Determined by credit recovery teacher
What are the benefits to taking this course?

Students who have conflicts with work, vacation, athletics, and travel can still have a solid academic learning experience in a course with new learning material.

Feedback from previous students and parents have indicated that this is a good opportunity for students who need flexibility in the summer but still want to accelerate academically.

Students have an opportunity in the summer to re-take a course for a higher grade and bridge the learning gap so they can take the next course and stay on track.

Students have shown more motivation with a self-paced learning progress and the reward of not having to attend summer school daily if they are meeting the success criteria.

Parent & Guardians serve as partners with the teacher to ensure a successful summer experience and have access to view their students Edgenuity progress.

Questions about summer curriculum or program information?  Please call the summer school hotline and leave a message 708-745-5261 or email summer school secretary Heide LaVaque, [email protected]