The School Code of Illinois, Section 27-8 and District 230 require adherence to the following health standards established by the Department of Public Health.

1. All students entering high school for the first time must have a complete physical examination reported on the prescribed Department of Public Health / Illinois State Board of Education form, before the first day of school.

2. All immunization dates, including those received as an infant, must be recorded (month, date, year) on the top portion of the physical report form. They must meet recommended standards of Illinois Department of Public Health and be signed by your physician or health care professional. Tetanus boosters are necessary every ten years. This immunization must be updated when necessary in order for a student to enter school. All students enrolled in Illinois schools must show proof of having received (2) doses of measles on or after first birth date. Please pay special attention to the last polio booster that must have been given on or after the 4th birthday. Hepatitis B series of 3 doses are required. We will strictly enforce these requirements.

3. Dental examinations are strongly recommended, however, these may be submitted at a later date. Lack of a dental exam will not prevent a student from receiving his/her schedule.

The health of your children is as important to us as their progress in school. Please make arrangements with your family physician, clinic and dentist to have the necessary examinations obtained so that your children may receive their schedules on registration day. SCHEDULES WILL NOT BE DISTRIBUTED WITHOUT PROPER PHYSICAL AND IMMUNIZATION DOCUMENTATION.

School Physical Examinations may be obtained at minimal charge at:

Orland Township Clinic: 403-4222
Palos Township Office: 598-2441

If your student requires medication at school or adaptive physical education classes, you must contact the school nurse for further information.

SPORTS PHYSICALS: If a student is planning to participate in a sport, we recommend that his/her physical be obtained in the month of June. Sports eligibility is dependent on a “Calendar Year Physical.”