Prerequisite: Department Chair Recommendation
Grade Level: 9
Semesters: 2
Credit: 1

Topics include recognizing and developing patterns using tables, graphs, and equations. Mathematical modeling is stressed as a methodology for approaching the solution to problems. Students will explore operations on algebraic expressions and apply mathematical properties to algebraic equations. Students will problem-solve using equations, graphs, and tables and investigate linear and exponential relationships, including comparing and contrasting options and decision-making using algebraic models. Topics from two-dimensional Geometry are integrated into this curriculum. This includes congruence, construction, and proof, as well as applying geometry to the coordinate plane. Instruction in the area of data analysis is introduced. Technology will be used for guided practice. Math 1 Honors also includes standards from Pre-Calculus courses so that when a student completes the Honors Math sequence they will be prepared for AP Calculus.