Prerequisite: Math 2
Grade Level: 12
Semesters: 2
Credits: 2

Math in Construction is an interdisciplinary course that integrates Mathematics and Construction
topics through the building of a significant construction project. Math in Construction is taught
by both Math and Technology & Engineering Education (TEE) teachers. The mathematics
content matches the Math 1-3 curriculum taught in the Mathematics Department. Students will
gain hands-on experience in construction with additional emphasis on teamwork,
problem-solving, and the promotion of STEM education. This course will be taught in a
two-period block, students earn credit for Math and House Wiring/Building Construction (CTE).
Students must enroll in Math in Construction to fulfill the block. Students are required to enroll in
both semesters. Math topics covered during Math in Construction will include, but are not limited
to: a review of arithmetic and fractions, order of operations, rounding, factoring, solving
equations, surface area, volume, ratios, proportions, percents, scale factors, slope, graphing
and writing equations of lines, angle properties, triangle properties, polygon properties,
congruent and similar figure properties, and circle properties. Throughout the year, students will
work on construction projects that embed these math skills.