Prerequisite: None
Grade Level: 10-12
Semesters: 1
Credits: 0.5

In this one-semester course, students will apply concepts such as supply and demand to solve real world problems and they will develop the skills to understand how businesses organize themselves in order to maximize profit. They will analyze economic problems in the past and present and use possible solutions to predict the future. Students will analyze economic case studies, news articles, and periodicals; compare and contrast economists’ theories; do computer simulations, presentations and projects. The course will also provide students with a multitude of lessons in Consumer Economics. Students will be challenged in several areas such as: investing, budgeting, credit cards and credit scores, insurance-auto and life, home and auto loans, as well as other skills and knowledge needed to become a responsible consumer. These activities will provide students the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills learned to the real-world. This course satisfies the Illinois state graduation requirement for consumer education.