Introduction to Theater

Prerequisite: NoneGrade Level: 9-12Semesters: 1Credits: 0.5 Introduction to Theater is a multi-leveled course that explores the different aspects of theater as well as the process of staging a piece. Students will gain insight into the various theatrical roles of actor,

Internship in Education

Prerequisite: noneGrade Level: 11-12Semesters: 1Credit: 1 Students will engage in various hands-on learning experiences in the field of education based on their career interests and areas they desire to explore. Students will apply understanding from their coursework through real world

Child Development

Grade Level: 9-12Semesters: 1Credits: 0.5 Students will be able to plan and implement activities as a group for preschool children.  Students will apply classroom theory through teaching and observation in the preschool setting.  The different aspects of growth and development

Western Civilization 2

Prerequisite: NoneGrade Level: 10-12Semesters: 1Credits: 0.5 In Western Civilization students will discuss the rise and decline of Western global dominance. Focuses on revolutionary developments in government, economics, science, and the arts since 1715.

Introduction to Education*

Prerequisite: NoneGrade Level: 11-12Semesters: 1Credits .05 Students will be introduced to the various aspects of the education profession and begin to develop an understanding of learning environments and collaborative relationships within and among schools, families, and communities.  This is the

Sports Literature

Prerequisite: noneGrade Level: 12Semesters: 1Credit: 0.5 In this course, students will read, analyze, and write about sports literature, making connections between sports, culture, and life.  Novels, biographies, short stories, essays, newspaper columns, magazine articles, TV and radio broadcasts, movies, the

Language, Power, and Social Justice

Prerequisite: noneGrade Level: 12Semesters: 1Credit: 0.5 This course examines the connections between language, power, and social justice. Using ideas and methods from linguistic anthropology, students will explore how current inequalities at the local, national, and global levels are perpetuated through

Graphic Novels

Prerequisite : NoneGrade Level: 12Semesters: 1Credit: 0.5 The Graphic Novel course focuses on the analysis of multimodal texts and sequential art as its own distinctive form of storytelling and reading. Students will learn about the principles that graphic novels are

Art Appreciation

Prerequisite: NoneGrade Level: 9-12Semesters: 1Credits: 0.5 Introductory survey and analysis of the visual arts – painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, printmaking, and crafts – to acquaint non-art majors with basic aesthetic concepts: media, technique and function; elements and form; genres; stylistic

*Western Civilization 1

Prerequisite: NoneGrade Level: 10-12Semesters: 1Credits: 0.5 Western Civilization surveys national, political, institutional, socio-economic, intellectual, religious, and cultural development of the West from ancient times to 1715, with an emphasis on later developments.