Prerequisite: Successful completion of German 3 and Teacher Recommendation.
Grade Level: 11-12
Semesters: 2
Credits: 1

Fourth-year German is taught completely in German to enhance the student’s ability to communicate in speech and writing beyond simple survival language. Students will gain listening proficiency through stories, videos, and TPRS*. Some traditional methods and activities will be included as well. Increasingly detailed literary works, which will require familiarity with complex grammatical forms and extended vocabulary, will be explored to build reading skills. Students are encouraged to express their thoughts competently in letters, poetry, and in compositions of greater length. Through an examination of art, politics, literature, and music, the student will be encouraged to see the world from the German point of view.   Honors German 4 will move at a faster pace and go into more depth than German 4.  [*TPRS=Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling.]