PALS Resource

Grade Level: IEP Decision Grade: 9-12 Semesters: 1 Credits: 0.5 The purpose of this course and program is to provide support to students to address behavioral/emotional concerns through problem solving and social skills training. The design is to assist the

Occupational Information

Grade Level: IEP Decision Grade: 12 Semesters: 2 Credits: 1 This course prepares the students, through individualized small group instruction, for occupational opportunities geared to their level of achievement. Topics covered include career awareness; personality; values and interests; self-care; social

Academic Resource

Grade Level: 9-12 – IEP Decision Semesters: 1 Credits: 0.5 This course is designed to further develop students’ independent learning strategies and transitional skills to be successful independent learners in academic, post-secondary, and community settings.

Sophomore Academic English

Prerequisite:  Freshman English Grade: 10 Semesters: 2 Credits: 1 The course includes reading, oral presentations, and writing essays. The skills are derived from literature, everyday experience and consideration for future goals. The development of thinking skills and problem solving will

Freshman English Instruction – Language Arts

Grade Level: IEP Decision Semesters: 2 Credits: 1 Grade: 9 The course emphasizes use of the correct rules of grammar and written expression; improvement of written composition; instruction in the components of literature; instruction in the use of the Media

Reading Instruction 3/4

Grade Level: IEP Decision Grade 11-12 Semesters: 2 Credits: 1 Students will continue to improve their skills in understanding both what they read and how they read it. Students will also continue to learn how and when to apply reading

Reading Instruction 2

Grade Level: Completion of Reading 1 and/or IEP Decision Grade 10 Semesters: 2 Credits: 1 Individualized or small group instruction may be utilized. Areas of study including word attack skills, utilization of context clues, identifying and sequencing main ideas and

Reading Instruction 1

Grade Level: IEP Decision Grade: 9 Semesters: 2 Credits: 1 This course is designed to meet the needs of students who are reading below the 4th grade level. This is a skill-based course that uses a variety of multi-sensory methods