Vocational Work Resource

Grades Level: 10-12 Semesters: 1 Credit: 0.5 Students with an IEP, and who are DRS (Dept of Rehabilitation Services) clients, who secure competitive employment in the community and regularly work part-time can earn a half-credit each semester by reporting their

Calculus 3 & Linear Algebra

Prerequisite:  An earned 3, 4, or 5 on AP Calculus BC Exam or a B or higher in a college or university credit in Calculus I and Calculus II Grade Level: 11-12 Semesters: 2 Credits: 1 This yearlong course is

Journalism: Print / Web Production

Prerequisites: Introduction to Media Production or Division Chair/Instructor Approval Grade Levels: 9-12 Semesters: 1 Credits: 0.5 Students will build on the skills they learned in the Introduction to Media Production course to produce stories in a variety of mediums. Students will

Video and Audio Production

Prerequisites: Introduction to Media Production or Division Chair/Instructor Approval Grade Levels: 9-12 Semesters: 1 Credits: 0.5  In Video and Audio Production, students will continue to develop their video and audio production skills with an emphasis on the following (depending on

Introduction to Media Production

Prerequisites: NoneGrade Levels: 9-12 Semesters: 1 Credits: 0.5 Description: This semester-long course is centered around the fundamentals of journalism and media production. Students will learn about media literacy as well as the historical and ethical responsibility of journalists. In addition

Theater Workshop 1

Prerequisite: Introduction to Theater or Division Chair/Instructor Approval Grade Level: 9-12 Semesters: 1 Credits: 0.5 This course will provide an in-depth study of theater as it pertains to performance and production, essentially creating opportunities for students to develop communication and

Introduction to Theater

Prerequisite: NoneGrade Level: 9-12Semesters: 1Credits: 0.5 Introduction to Theater is a multi-leveled course that explores the different aspects of theater as well as the process of staging a piece. Students will gain insight into the various theatrical roles of actor,

Internship in Education

Prerequisite: noneGrade Level: 11-12Semesters: 1Credit: 1 Students will engage in various hands-on learning experiences in the field of education based on their career interests and areas they desire to explore. Students will apply understanding from their coursework through real world

Early Childhood Education

Prerequisite: Grade of ā€œCā€ or better in Child DevelopmentGrade Level: 10-12Semesters: 2Credits: 1 Students will be able to teach with a partner and as an individual to support student learning by providing activities and materials that preschoolers find engaging.  Students

Child Development

Grade Level: 9-12Semesters: 1Credits: 0.5 Students will be able to plan and implement activities as a group for preschool children.  Students will apply classroom theory through teaching and observation in the preschool setting.  The different aspects of growth and development