Consumer Economics

Department: Family & Consumer Science Session 1 & 2 Grades 9-12 Prerequisite: None Students will learn and be able to perform life skills such as goal setting, calculating paychecks, filing tax forms, opening and utilizing bank accounts, researching investments, budgeting,

Internship in Education

Prerequisite: none Grade Level: 11-12 Semesters: 1 Credit: 1 Students will engage in various hands-on learning experiences in the field of education based on their career interests and areas they desire to explore. Students will apply understanding from their coursework


Prerequisite: None Grade Level: 9-12 Semesters: 1 Credits: 0.5 Students will focus on pregnancy, labor, delivery, caring for children, nurturing children, and guiding children. They will also develop skills for making decisions and thinking critically, which can be applied to

Nail Technology

Prerequisite: Application Process prior to enrollment Grade Level: 12 Semesters: 2 Credits: 2 This course meets for 2 periods a day with an early release so students can attend off-campus.  Students will attend a cosmetology school for one-half day while

Fitness & Nutrition

Prerequisite: none Grade Level: 10-12 Semesters: 1 Credits: 1.0 Students will learn to analyze their fitness, nutrition, and health risks. Students will incorporate hands-on laboratory experiences in nutritional food preparation, exercise, and health behavior management to attain personal goals. This

Fashion and Interior Design 2

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Fashion and Interior Design 1 Grade Level: 9 – 12 Semesters: 1 Credit: 0.5 Students will be involved in a variety of individual assignments intended to foster creativity and critical thinking in fashion and interior design

Fashion and Interior Design 1

Grade Level: 9 – 12 Semesters: 1 Credits: 0.5 Fashion and Interior Design is a hands-on, project-based class for students who are interested in fashion and/or interior design. This course will include projects to practice principles and elements, fashion design

Fashion 2

Prerequisite: Successful completion of  Fashion 1 Grade Level: 9-12 Semesters: 1 Credits: 0.5 Students continue to develop their basic sewing skills through advanced projects and garment construction. They will further develop their skills through individualized instruction and laboratory learning experiences

Fashion 1

Grade Level: 9-12 Semesters: 1 Credits: 0.5 Students will learn to use the sewing machine and basic sewing equipment. Beginning sewing skills are introduced through the construction of projects and garments. Students will explore basic textiles, design principles, pattern alterations,

Early Childhood Education

Prerequisite: Successful completion of  Child Development Grade Level: 10-12 Semesters: 2 Credits: 1 Students can teach with a partner and as an individual to support student learning by providing activities and materials that preschoolers find engaging.  Students will also provide